Your name is AMANDA but you also go by PANDAAA or ECHO. You love to BLOG about RANDOM THINGS YOU FIND FUNNY. You are also an ARTIST and enjoy PLAYING THE DRUMS. People always make fun of you for developing ATTACHMENTS TO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS more easily that real people. PLAYING VIDEO GAMES, READING BIG BOOKS, WATCHING HORROR MOVIES, WATCHING ANIME, READING MANGA, and COSPLAYING are what you like to do in your free time.

You are an EXTREME INTROVERT. You try your best to not let this get in your way of making friends, but it usually does. You LOVE GETTING MESSAGES from people, although you hardly receive any.

People are FREE TO MESSAGE you about anything, as you LOVE HELPING OTHERS. You also love to talk to your KICKASS MOIRAIL to help pass the time.



August 20 2014, 10pm ...1 hour ago


do you ever get so frustrated with a video game that you are no longer rational and you start literally jumping into pits because maybe thats the fucking solution to this bullshit of a dungeon puzzle

August 20 2014, 10pm ...1 hour ago

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